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July 5, 2011
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Antiperion-Final by CapitalComicsStudios Antiperion-Final by CapitalComicsStudios
The Antiperion:

In an alternate universe, on an alternate Earth, Adam Powers was about to start his new day at Monument labs. Doctor Zog and Doctor Argoss were arguing about a secret project to enhance humans using energy and genetic manipulation. Adam Powers was running late, and upon his arrival to Monument labs found that part of the lab had been decimated by an explosion.

Entering the rubble, Adam discovered the charred body of Doctor Zog and the remains of what looked to be an alien. While investigating, Adam found an Orb which was tied to a large machine, the energy pouring out of the machine was a dark purple color and began to arc across the rubble towards Adam. Panic stricken, Adam headed for what looked to be an intact chamber. he bolted the door, and unwittingly started the Genetic infusion process, just as the energy struck the machine and flooded it with a form of stable dark energy antimatter..

The resulting effect changed Adam Powers into a powerful telekinetic with dark energy. After his emergence from the machine, Adam Powers was approached by the Bolts, a henchman for the K.O.G (king of Gansters) and his criminal organization known as the Machina.

Adam Powers had problems controlling his abilities and through the resources of the Machina became a formidable force to be reckoned with. Calling himself the Antiperion (for his antimatter charged cellular structure) he promptly began a life of crime and villainy. The Antiperion surrounds himself usually with two powerful and deadly women. He is arrogant and shallow, as well as vain. The Antiperion is more concerned with piracy, or stealing money, art, and technology for his own nefarious purposes.

His loyalty to the Machina was not absolute, and eventually the Antiperion took control of the Machina, killing the K.O.G. and waging war on Earth's Super heroes. It wasn't until that Universes version of heroes known as the Guardians of Justice led by the Crimson Crow, that our universe's Star Superion and the Antiperion crossed paths. the Crimson Crow had found a parallel Earth with Star Superion, and Opening a gateway, brought the two worlds together for a brief moment.

Star Superion and the Antiperion fought endlessly, and in the end it was the seeming sacrifice of the Crimson Crow that led to the Antiperion's defeat, and imprisonment in the void between our reality and theirs.

Antiperion is classified as level: super threat, by the Guardian legion's data base.

Powers and Abilities:

The Antiperion has the ability to produce energy from his cellular structure. His body cells can exude flows of dark matter energy due to their similarity to anitmatter, and in such case can manipulate his body to defy gravity. He possesses super strength and speed. His body as it becomes more active in battle will begin to produce a field of energy which surrounds his body like a purple and maroon cloud. this cloud of energy flowing out of his body eventually converts his core structure into a compacted shape. So compact that he eventually becomes dense enough to generate an extreme gravitational field.

Unlike Star Superion whose body becomes pure energy, the Antiperion becomes a walking semi-black hole with a super dense core body..warping the space around his body in a swirling vortex akin to an event horizon. His weakness is an over abundance of positive energy which can overload his cellular structure and shut him down to unconsciousness.

while in his normal human form, Antiperion can manipulate his dark matter energy an apply it to psychic attacks, including teleportation.
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UrsaMagnus Featured By Owner Apr 5, 2014  Professional Digital Artist
This is fantastic. I love these turnarounds of yours. I definitely think I need to commission you to do one of my guy. ;)
CapitalComicsStudios Featured By Owner Apr 6, 2014
I'll be ready this summer, I have a few in front to do right now, and I also have a comic coming out.
NewSupermariolegends Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2013  Hobbyist Writer
If there is a Star Superion movie, i think it would be about him fighting Antiperion!
That would be cool. I am doing an update on his look in the New style and will have that model sheet up this month.
fepride Featured By Owner Oct 3, 2012
Man you realy improved your style, the evolution is visible... Congratulations
Thanks! Yes, I have spent a lot of time improving my body style and skills. Mostly by hand drawing these templates and then inking digitally before coloring. So they are closer to my sketch work. The older art was very basic and was done strictly by Mouse. This time using pencil and combining the computer gives the new effect. I appreciate all the kind words and support. Thanks again.
GrayW0lf666 Featured By Owner Jan 16, 2012
I have seen you in champions online or just one of your fans of this.

GrayWolf666 aka Radeon Sapphire
yeah, thats me
bakshbr Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2011  Student Traditional Artist
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